Gelato 4ever 3 brick 1 lt - Lemon

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4ever ice cream, the ice cream ready to stir!
Totally natural and gluten-free, it is easy to make and convenient to store.
This is a real revolution in the way ice cream is conceived, but also and above all in quality, as this product is free of chemical ingredients: the main ingredient is cow's milk , milked directly from Italian farms.
To enjoy an excellent ice cream, simply pour the product into any ice cream machine, professional freezer, food processor or mixer and in a few minutes, you can enjoy homemade ice cream as if you had an Italian master ice cream maker always with you.
In addition, storing Gelato 4ever bricks is very convenient: the product lasts 1 year from the date of production and resists intact without losing its properties up to 30 degrees.

Packaging: 3 bricks of 1 lt (1,130 kg of ice cream)
Ingredients: Water, lemon juice (22%), sugar, dextrose, glucose syrup, inulin, maltodextrin, semi-finished product for ice cream (stabilizers: carboxymethyl cellulose, carob seed meal, guar seed meal, emulsifiers: E471, E433). Contains allergens: milk residues.
How to use: pour the contents, even at room temperature, into any storage freezer or equipped with a compressor and wait 20-30 minutes, or pour the frozen product into a mixer or food processor and wait for the desired consistency. There is no need to add other substances or foods if you do not want to change the original flavor.
Shelf life: 12 months
Storage: Store in a cold, dry place. Once the packaging is opened, the product should preferably be used within 4-5 days and stored in the refrigerator at +4° C.

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Gelato 4ever è una realtà dedicata interamente all’evoluzione del settore gelato ed alla sua diffusione. Società italiana al 100% alla cui base vi è un prodotto totalmente naturale, senza glutine, facile da fare e comodo da conservare.Si tratta di una vera rivoluzione nel modo di concepire il gelato ma anche e soprattutto nella qualità, in quanto il prodotto è privo di ingredienti chimici. L’ingrediente principale è proprio il latte delle mucche, munto direttamente da aziende agricole italiane, un prodotto totalmente naturale, senza glutine, facile da fare e comodo da conservare. Basta versare il prodotto in qualsiasi macchina per il gelato, mantecatore professionale, robot da cucina o mixer e in pochi minuti, potrai gustare il gelato artigianale come se avessi un maestro gelatiere sempre con te.
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