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Almafruits 12 Packs - Almonds from Sicily, 50 g

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Mandorle di Sicilia al naturale raccolte tra le province di Agrigento e Caltanissetta da coltivazioni non intensive, senza l'uso di farmaci e/o pesticidi. Fai il pieno di energia e salute: le mandorle sono ricche di potassio, magnesio, fosforo, proteine, calcio e vitamina E.

Box/espositore contenente 12 confezioni di Mandorle di Sicilia sgusciate da 50 gr cadauna.Scadenza: 1 anno.NO OGM GLUTEN FREE
Thanks to its exceptional biodiversity heritage and pedoclimatic characteristics, Sicilia offers a wide range of products, unique by their taste, visual aspect and appeal. Almafruits aims to promote and revive the Sicilian top-class production and its daily use, and praise their healthy and psychophysical well-being properties. The sun, the sea, and the countryside of this beautiful land influences its population as well as their leaning towards locally grown and manufactured products. From the gourmet tradition of the island and the traditions they got from the Orient, North Africa and Europe, comes the high-quality and excellence of Almafruits’ fruits and processed products. Check out Ventis’ selection of biological products: almonds, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and honey, and Gift Packs.
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