VENTIS CARD. Request it at your BCC bank*

Many benefits and exclusive services to make your shopping experience easier, safer and unique.

*Ventis card is reserved only for italian clients

VentisCard Credit

  • Become a Supershopper! If you spend at least 1000€ on throughout the year, you will receive a 50€ gift voucher and earn free shipping under 5 kg for all your purchases in the following year
  • 5% di cashback At the end of every month, 5% of your purchases on will be credited back to your account
  • 2 free returns a year With the VentisCard, you are entitled to two free returns per year, starting from the date of issue.
  • Easy purchase ®. Satisfied or refunded within 30 days of purchase with VentisCard. One-year extension of the legal guarantee on purchases with VentisCard.
  • If you use it, don't pay it. If you spend at least 12,000€ a year, your annual 60€ fee will be reset.
  • BCC Card Customers Area Keep everything under control with the customer area of or from the MyCartaBCC app.
  • 3D secure online shopping services. Enable the card for online use on 3D Secure websites from your customer area in the portal
  • Expense notifications. For each purchase made, you will receive a notification via the MyCartaBCC app or by Text.
  • Contactless technology. Bring the card closer to the enabled POS. Under €25, you do not need to enter your PIN.
  • Chip & Pin. Conclude all your purchases by entering your PIN.