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Chubb Travel Insurance is a multi-risk travel insurance made by Chubb European Group that ensures your holiday in Italy or abroad, alone, with family or friends.

Are you planning your next trip? Don't leave without an insurance, make use of the 20% discount that Chubb European Group has reserved for Ventis' customers who are resident and/or domiciled in Italy.

A lost baggage, even temporarily, or an accident during the trip could ruin your holiday.
With Chubb Travel Insurance on the contrary, you will be able to enjoy the journey in all serenity. You can choose between the policy Single trip o Annual multi-trip with which you will already have secured all of the other trips that you will go on within a year from the effective date of the policy. For both types of policy, the maximum duration of the insurance for a travel is 30 days.

With the "basic insurance" you will have at your disposal the medical assistance of Chubb Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, , to which you can also add optional guarantees for complete coverage, according to your security needs. In fact, you can choose to also insure against events that may occur before departure, forcing you to cancel the trip, or you can expand your protection while traveling, insuring you against travel disadvantages, even to protect your luggage and belongings.

  • Verify that the policy is adequate for your needs:Verify that the policy is able to meet your needs::
  • You can sign up until the day before your departure in the case of a Single trip. policy. In the case of an Annual multi-trip, policy, you can sign up until the day before the starting date of the policy selected on the Chubb European Group website. In both cases you can ensure travel originating from Italy;
  • People over the age of 69 at the time of subscription or who are not resident or domiciliated in Italia cannot be insured;
  • with the "Single Trip" policy, you can also insure a minor who travels alone in Italy or abroad;;
  • non sono coperte le condizioni mediche preesistenti e note all’Assicurato al momento della stipula della polizza;
  • People over the age of 69 at the time of subscription or who are not resident or domiciliated in Italia cannot be insured;
  • the "Single Trip" policy is also valid for traveling to different countries, as long as they are selected on the website and resulting from the insurance certificate; the "Annual multi-trip" policy is valid for an unlimited number of trips made within the "Zone" specified on the website, without having to communicate the specific destination for each trip;
  • for the "Cancellation or changes of trip" guarantee, there are limitations in the cases where the insurance policy has been signed up to after 24 (twenty-four) hours from the date of booking of the trip following the date of booking of the trip and the same begins within 30 (thirty) days from the "Date of purchase of the policy";
  • the insurance coverage cannot be signed up to for trips made fully or in parts, through or in the following countries and territories: Iran, Syria, North Korea, Northern Sudan, Cuba and Crimea.

Before joining, we invite you to carefully read the Information Leaflet for a complete list of conditions and exclusions provided by the policy.

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Before joining, we invite you to read the Pre-contractual Information that we deliver here, keeping in mind that in any case, following the the ISVAP Regulation. N. 5/2006, by adhering you will receive a copy of the attachments 7A and 7B together with the policy documentation.
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