Velenosi 3 bottiglie - Falerio Pecorino DOC 2023

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Vino Bianco dal caratteristico colore giallo paglierino intenso e lucente, in bocca prevale la freshzza che esalta le caratteristiche degli aromi varietali. Questo vino riesce ad unire un gusto acido, fresco e morbido al tempo stesso. Un’eleganza non comune che lo rende gradito anche ai palati più esigenti.

Packaging: 3 bottles of 0.75 liters Production area: Grapes selected in the vineyards of Ascoli Piceno Grapes: Pure Pecorino Vintage: 2023 Average altitude: 200-300 meters above sea level Soil type: Medium texture tending towards sandy Planting density: 5,000 vines per hectare Yield per hectare: approximately 8 quintals of grapes Yield per vine: approximately 1.5 kg of grapes Harvest: Harvested by hand, early in the morning or late afternoon, in small boxes placed, before arriving in the cellar, in cold storage rooms. Fermentation: The selection of the grapes, harvested in mid-September, is very scrupulous; the soft pressing is followed by an immediate lowering of the temperature to facilitate decantation and the elimination of suspended cloudiness. Fermentation always takes place at controlled temperatures (14-15°C) in steel tanks. For the entire time of refinement in steel (until around February), the now wine remains at a temperature of around 10°C to keep its aromatic heritage intact. Color: Intense and shiny straw yellow. Perfume: The smell is pleasant, intense, refined, with hints of exotic fruit and citrus fruits. Floral of hawthorn, acacia flowers and jasmine, it also expresses hints of aromatic herbs. Complex, elegant and harmonious bouquet. Taste: Freshness prevails in the mouth which enhances the characteristics of the varietal aromas. This wine manages to combine an acidic, fresh and soft taste at the same time. An uncommon elegance that makes it pleasing even to the most demanding palates.
HISTORICAL NOTES: The reason why this vine shares its name with the well-known cheese of the same name remains uncertain, but it may refer to the seasonal movements of shepherds and their flocks, who moved to the regions where the Pecorino vine is found. Its origins are from the Marche region. With early maturation, but low quantitative yield, in the past it was abandoned in favor of more prolific vines. Pecorino prefers cool, elevated hilly sites and belongs to the large Trebbiani family; that of the Aminee.
Vigneti che si imbevono dei sapori più autentici del territorio marchigiano per restituirli colorati dai riflessi dei vini, in una cornice di colline che si allunga verso il mare. Un terreno argilloso e fertile su cui le viti, fitte di profumi e di storia, raccontano la tradizione picena through vitigni autoctoni e internazionali. Con Velenosi la natura si versa in un calice e si trasforma in straordinari vini, fra cui spiccano il Rosso Ludi, il Pecorino cheese e la Passerina Villa Angela. Eccellenze che troverai su Ventis a prezzi speciali in tutta la loro qualità.
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