Sicilian Factory 6 vasetti - Confettura di Kiwi 240 gr

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Jam prepared with selected Sicilian seasonal fruit, peeled manually and cooked at low temperature to keep the organoleptic properties unchanged. The Sicilian Factory gourmet jam dedicated to lovers of taste is distinguished from others and we explain why: it is prepared according to an exclusive recipe in which Kiwis, sweeten with sugar of cane.

Package: 6 jars of 240 gr Ingredients: Kiwi, brown sugar.
It may contain traces of other Dried Nuts.
Produced without the addition of: Pectin, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Aromas, Colours, Preservants, Gluten. Fruit used per 100 gr of product: 95 gr Total sugars per 100 gr of product: 65 gr
Allergens: Absent No GMOs The possible brown colour, due to the absence of antioxidants, is synonymous with quality and genuineness of product. Storage mode: after opening store in the fridge and consume within a few days.
Dal cuore della Sicilia sbarca su Ventis una produzione artigianale di creme spalmabili di alta qualità!Le eccellenze del territorio, come il pistacchio di Bronte e la Mandorla d’Avola vengono lavorati con sapienza e trasformati in creme gustosissime da abbinare ai dolci tipici del Natale o da gustare nella loro semplicità su una fetta di pane.Senza lattosio e senza conservanti, le creme Sicilian Factory sono deliziose e perfette per dolci momenti di pausa.
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